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dynamoto customer experience

“My purchase is a rare example of a product doing exactly as advertised. I took delivery of my dynamoto recently and the instructions provided in the box allowed me to assemble quickly and easily. Once assembled and attached to my bike, movement was as easy as the videos represented. To say that I am a satisfied customer would be a gross understatement. Thank you for building such a fantastic product!!” Robert, Florida USA


“Just a quick update on my stands. I love them. My S1000RR loves them. It's all good. The ease of use, quality, and general awesomeness are second to none” Alastair, Brisbane Australia


“This product is absolutely fantastic - wish I had found it years ago. Well made, superb design and first class service from the Dynamoto team!!!” Simon, Dubai United Arab Emirates


“Hi guys. I received my stand last week, it is every bit as good as you say. Bravo on designing such a useful motorcycle stand” Royson, Atascadero California USA


“With my Dynamoto stands I can easily manoeuver the Tiger XCX into a narrow store room which leaves the garage space free for our cars. The stands are small enough that I can put just them away when they’re not being used. Brilliant!” Sandy, Brisbane Australia


“Dynamoto stands makes working on my classic race bike a breeze in my compact garage. Both my lightweight 350 and heavy 900 are easy to manoeuvre with these fabulous stands.” Brent, Brisbane Australia