Revolutionary omni-directional wheels - DESIGNED and MADE in Australia and PROVEN over years in demanding industrial applications.

Under every Dynamoto stand sit Rotacaster Omni-directional wheels. Tough and durable, these unique wheels are designed for the most demanding industrial applications.


* ENGINEERED COMPOSITE CONSTRUCTION is robust but still gentle on floor surfaces.

* Omni-directional wheels with a FIXED AXIS are not deflected by expansion joints, cracks, or tile grout lines.

* Omni-directional wheels with a fixed axis allow the load to be SAFELY levered or pivoted off the wheel WITHOUT AN UNEXPECTED LOAD SHIFT.

* Omni-directional wheels with a fixed orientation CANNOT MISALIGN, and provide INSTANTANEOUS TRACKING in any horizontal direction from a stand-still or when moving.

* WIDE wheels bridge expansion joints.

* LARGE DIAMETER wheels mean little effort to move the load.