Understanding Dynamoto Stands

Dynamoto's 3 stands cover most Motorcycles.

Single Swingarm - Rear Stand - By Dynamoto

1. Single-sided Rear Stand

The Single-sided Rear Stand requires the bike to have a single-sided swingarm with a large central hole in the hub. The stand comes fitted with a spindle to match your bike model. Should you change your bike we have (swappable) spindles for other brands such as BMW, Ducati, MV Agusta, Honda, KTM, Triumph etc.

2. Double-sided Rear Stand

The Double-sided Rear Stand is compatible with bikes featuring a conventional (twin-spar) swingarm with tapped holes for pickup bobbins. These bobbins, also known as 'spools' or 'cotton reels,' can be obtained from your local motorcycle dealer. If your bike doesn't have tapped holes, we offer a range of bobbin solutions on our website.

3. Universal Front Sled

The Front Sled is universal and works with virtually any bike without interfering with ABS sensors. By adding the Front Sled along with our Rear Stand you will experience the full freedom of movement.

The Front Sled must be used in conjunction with a Rear stand.