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Don’t be at all concerned by the wheels!  They were originally developed 10 years ago for (and continue to be used in) the materials handling industry for transfer tables and in the very arduous application of hand trucks (fridge trolleys, gas bottle trolleys, etc). Wheels for hand trucks cop a very hard life (up and down gutters, dragged across potholes in bitumen, cracked concrete footpaths, expansion joints, etc etc), so our application in motorcycle stands is a walk in the park for them.

The wheels are actually very simple in design, but very complicated to manufacture. The wheel hub is made in a type of Polyketone (PK) composite, the bushes (one for each roller) are one-piece injection moulded Acetal which are spiral-wound onto spindles (one for each bush) that are moulded as part of the hub, and the rollers are over-moulded (over the bushes) Polyurethane - all high-performance engineering polymers.

The bearings (2 in each wheel) are sealed deep groove roller bearings. The wheels require no maintenance; the only part that would be replaceable are the (2) bearings (not that we’ve ever had to replace any).

 Dynamoto has a free replacement warranty for 10 years on the wheels (but in reality, for a motorcycle stand you’re never going to have a problem).

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