Motorcycle Storage Just Got Smoother.

The Dynamoto Motorcycle Glide Stand gives bike owners the ability to move and store their motorcycle with ease.
Its multidirectional wheels allow for smooth movement at the slightest touch. The stands are designed to match
a wide range of makes and models.

Absolute Stability While Moving

Dynamoto's revolutionary front and rear wheel stand set allows multi-directional movement of your motorcycle, whilst keeping the bike in an upright and stable position.

Wheels on Wheels on Wheels

The omnidirectional wheels allow for completely smooth movement at the slightest touch.

Safely & Easily Slides Into Place

Our range of stands have been designed to suit major makes and models of bikes with the adaptability to expand into others.

Motorcycle Storage Made Simple

Gone are the days of parking your car on the street or having your bike take up your valuable garage space. Bikes can now fit into the tightest spaces.

Is it really THAT smooth? Watch now!

Find your compatible stand

Find space where there was none before!

Choose a style to suit you


Engineered to last a lifetime

We know your Dynamoto set will exceed your expectations, that is why we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee return policy on all purchases. If you're not impressed, you have 30 days to arrange for a return and refund.

See what riders are saying about Dynamoto?


Thanks again for your help. Your stand has really pulled me out of a sticky situation! Your stand is not only a work of art, a wonderfully crafted piece of engineering built to last...but an absolute LIFESAVER! It let me fit both truck and motorcycle inside my extremely tight car space. Body corporate and neighbours are finally happy now. And it makes maneuvering the bike in and out of the space so effortless.
Thanks Dynamoto!


I'm an engineer myself and I showed the guys at work and we are all blown away by the quality of build and design. This is nothing like the cheap stands out there - no comparison. I'm easily able to get my Monster 1100 on and off the stand with absolute confidence (no sketchy moments). I now keep my bike IN my apartment because it's easy as pushing a shopping trolley.
Paul, Brisbane Australia 

Our stands are designed to match your make and model

Revolutionary Multi-Directional Stands

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