In the wild

Designed by motorcyclists, for motorcyclists

Where you step off your bike is no longer important. Dynamoto stands allow you to easily move the bike to an out-of-the way location: against a wall, between cars in the garage, or even through the doorway of a storage room. With the bike held in an upright position, the bike takes up even less space. And the removable handle on the rear stands lets you really tuck the bike into a corner. Next time you need it, the bike can be simply pulled out, rotated, and away you go.

Multi-directional wheels

Rotacaster multi-directional wheels do not swivel like shopping cart wheels. They provide full 360 degree mobility while remaining in a fixed orientation. This allows the load to be safely levered away from the ground. Rotacasters also provide substantially improved load stability, as they maintain a fixed relationship between the center of gravity of the bike and the wheelbase. In addition, the fixed orientation provides instant directional tracking.

"A more stable, more maneuverable, more predictable, safer and faster method to move your bike."